HM…What? HMB Explained

HMB: What it is and why you need it

The muscle-sphere has been turned upside down.

Gains have been taken to a new level.

Three letters: H.M.B.


I know, I know…HMB has been around forever…you’ve taken it and may not have noticed a difference…whatever…I’ve heard all the sob stories

I’ve spent the last two weeks reading research articles (so you don’t have to) and am here to spit the broscience. So sit back, shut up, and enjoy the ride.

The Old.

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbuteric acid or as the meatheads say…HMB…is a metabolite of the essential amino acid Leucine. Why is this important? Leucine is widely considered to be the most anabolic amino acid of the group. The theory behind HMB is that is plays a role in regulating protein breakdown in the body. If we can slow down this process, we can increase muscle mass…if we can increase muscle mass we can decrease body fat. Now, we’re ripped. Now we’re happy.

Don’t believe me? GOOGLE IT BRO…I particularly like this study because it cites the use of HMB along with creatine, the super smash bros of gains.

Now the reason I captioned this ‘the old’ is due to HMB being paired with calcium. If you look at 99% of HMB products on the market, you will see it has been paired with calcium in, most likely, powdered capsule form.

This isn’t a bad thing…previous research has been done with HMB-CA and the results have been favorable…but what about that other 1% of HMB product?

The New.

Muscle Tech has recently released a new form of HMB…known as their patented BetaTOR, this version of HMB rests in free acid form.

Ok…now you’re reading this thinking “Why the hell does this matter?”

By stripping away the calcium in the ‘old’ HMB, the new form is more readily available for the body. Not to mention, when you take a serving of HMB, that dosage isn’t being shared with calcium anymore. You get more HMB in a faster, higher quality state.

As we know from the formula above…HMB = decrease protein breakdown = increased muscle growth = decreased body fat.

Again…don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself and make your own decision!

SPOILER ALERT! The test subjects who took Clear Muscle over the 12 week test increased their lean mass by 12.7%! I weigh 185 pounds, for me that would be adding about 22 pounds of lean muscle to my body in a 12 week period.

Yeah, you read that correctly…22 pounds in 12 weeks.

What’s even cooler is Muscle Tech has released the 12 week program that their test subjects did while they were conducting the study! You can find this weight room monster right here (don’t I make your life easy?).

But the ultimate kicker? The 12 week program fits nicely with the 12 weeks you have before the fall semester starts…get your own CLEAR MUSCLE , download the program, and get your ass in the weight room!



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