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I consider myself a supplement snob. I really do. Finding quality supplements that are more than just a great marketing ploy can be difficult. I have had my fair share of duds and when I find a keeper I stick with it.

Being a part of the Campus Protein community I get the scoop (no pun intended) on a variety of different supplements. I admit…when the crew at CP announced they were bringing on the company ‘ProSupp’s‘ I didn’t think too much of it. I have a solid stack, I rotate between three pre-workouts as it is..this was just another product line.

Yeah…one of the dumbest thoughts I ever had. Ever.

The reviews started flying in- HYDE IS AMAZING- JEKYLL IS UNREAL- PROSUPPS WHEY IS THE BEST TASTING PROTEIN…being the snob that I am I had to know for myself. I placed an order with CP and bought Karbolic, ProSupps powdered carbohydrate and Hyde, one of their pre’s…

After my workout I immediately emailed the big boys at Campus Protein to tell them I had to change my blog schedule to write a review on both products.

The snob has met his maker. ProSupps is no joke.

Here’s the run down…

Product name: Mr. Hyde- Pre-Workout

Flavor:  Punch

Price: $30.99 @

Main Ingredients: Beta-Alanine (2500mg), Creatine Hydrochloride (1000mg), and Caffeine Blend (400mg)


Cost per Serving: 10/10: Insane value with this pre…40 TRUE servings for 30 bucks? Deal. If you take more than one scoop of this stuff, you get a FREE ticket to your closest insane asylum.

Taste: 8/10: not overly sweet for a punch flavor which is nice.

Mixability: 10/10: Ever have a pre-workout club when you mix it? Hyde mixes like a dream! I like to keep my pre’s pretty dense. I added the recommended 8oz of water, two shakes and chugged.


The Bro-tangibles:

Sex-Appeal: 10/10: The packaging is sick. The label looks terrifying and the workouts hold true to the look.

Itchy-Level: 4/10- Some itchiness to let me know the Beta-Alanine was there, but I didn’t feel like my skin was going to melt off my body when I worked out.

Heart Rate Test: 10/10: I don’t like pre-workouts that make me throw up when my heart rate elevates to 160+. When ever I try a new pre, the heart rate test is what I get the most nervous about (obviously). It says 400mg of Caffeine BUT you need to look closer at the ingredient profile. It has three types of caffeine that hits your body at different times. You get an initial rush but your energy levels carry all through the workout and even when you are done. You will sweat your ass off but that only means ITS WORKING!  I crushed squats with 60 seconds of rest and finished my workout with sled pushes. Didn’t even have a vom-burp.

Final Thoughts:

I will be recommending this product to clients, friends, and anyone who asks! Hyde packs a serious punch. I could feel the energy, had a great pump, and felt like my workout could have lasted well over 2 hours if I wanted it to. I went in skeptical. I’ve literally taken pre’s that have made me more tired after drinking them- Hyde was very refreshing…Tasted great, cost effective, and didn’t crash afterward. If are a skeptic like I was, I encourage you to try it for yourself. ProSupps definitely has a great (badass) product in Hyde!

Product Name: Karbolic- as the name suggests, a powdered carbohydrate.

Flavor: Chocolate

Price: $42.99 (32 serving big boy) @

What it is: Some people may not be fond of carbohydrates post workout. I like to consume the bulk of my carbs in my post workout shake and have always turned to a powdered carb to do so. Typically, I have to buy an unflavored ‘flavor’ to mix with my chocolate protein or a fruit flavor if I am drinking something vanilla. ProSupps Karbolic is the first chocolate flavor I have found!



Cost per Serving:  Another 10/10: the big 32 serving container is 4 pounds and costs the same as comparable brands who only offer 3 pounders.

Taste: 10/10: When I drank it I legitimately said to myself “I wish my chocolate protein tasted this good”. If you have protein powder that doesn’t taste good to you, or if you get tired of a flavor (cough vanilla, cough) mix this with it- it will taste amazing.

Mixability: 10/10: Zero clumping. Here’s the really impressive part. When I went to rinse my shaker afterward, there was zero stuck to the bottom- everything mixed. Two scoops, 12 oz water, two shakes. Well done ProSupps, well done! 

The Bro-tangibles:

Sex-Appeal: 10/10: The entire ProSupp line is black and red. I’m a fan. You would think the powdered carb would be the ‘red headed step child’ of the the product line…this is not the case. Karbolic has sweet packaging that is easy to read and understand. I was a Business major in college- I notice these things.

Mess-Factor: If you have ever scooped a powdered carb before, such as waxy maize, then you know there is a 100% chance that shit is going all over the place when you dump it in to your shaker. Karbolic has a smooth texture that allows the powder to evenly distribute in the scoop, thus making it easy to get in your shaker. A total win for bro-ciety.

Science class: Packing in B-Vitamins, Taurine, Betaine, and a variety of electrolytes, Karbolic is the perfect partner for a lean protein powder for post workout gains and recovery. The ultimate catch? Karbolic contains large, medium, and small chain carbohydrates making it absorb rapidly in to the body. This means it is great for speeding up energy levels pre and intra-workout as well. A true 3-in-1 powder to fit whatever your training goals are! 

Final Thoughts:

Having a powdered carb is a staple in my training stacks. I have bounced around from brand to brand and am happy to have settled down with ProSupps. The money is a no-brainer (more powder, same money) and the taste is ridiculously awesome. Like I said in the very beginning. I was blown away by both products and felt the need to write a review for both of them. If any of you are on the fence on either of these products, I can safely say that you NEED to give ProSupps a shot. 

Happy lifting bro’s!



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