F.A.Q. of a Meathead

“Curiosity killed the cat.” – Someone older than us.

Ever hear that quote? It doesn’t apply to today’s topic, I just thought it sounded good as the opening sentence…

But humans are very curious in nature and the population I see on a daily basis is no different.


I’m a Strength Coach…I hold a number of various certifications that give me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals on a daily basis. I train young athletes, high schoolers, college kids, young and older adults. My day starts at 6am and doesn’t typically finish until 7pm. It takes a special breed of bro to spend 11-12 hours in a gym every day.

I get questions that are directly related to fitness. Questions that I still, to this day, do not understand. Questions that piss me off something fierce, and questions that make me laugh my ass off.

Either way, as a Fitness Professional and a trusted writer for CampusProtein.com, I get questions every day about supplements…everything from “Is creatine a steroid?” to “Will protein make me bulky?”. Sorry ladies, that Starbucks Iced Whatever will make your waist-line swell, not the protein powder your boyfriend is trying to get you to drink.

I think a lot of you readers have the same questions…as always, you can reach out to your local Campus Protein Rep…We are all very knowledgeable in the department of getting ripped, lean, swole, toned, or whatever adjective you equate to working out….This is essentially an endless list. Like I said earlier, humans are curious in nature, and curiosity killed the cat…again, irrelevant, no one is going to die, but it just sounds good when I reread it!

Without further adoo, here is the first installment of my top 10 list of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ of a Professional Meathead.

1) Do I need a Protein Shake after my workouts?

I have to start this list with the most asked question. All my brofessors’ can feel me on this one. I always explain this process to people and let them answer their own question…As soon as you are done working out, your body goes in to recovery mode. Protein shakes are very useful for rapidly providing your body with the nutrients required for a speedy recovery. If you have to drive home and cook your post workout meal, protein shakes can save you valuable time in your window of gains opportunity. I have heard different ratios but typically I aim for a 1:3 or 1:2 carb to protein ratio and try to hit 35-50g protein and 75-100g carbohydrates post workout to fuel my muscle babies.

So do you need a protein shake? It definitely can’t hurt, and in many cases with time, money, efficiency, it absolutely helps!

2) You recommended this type of Protein, but you take a different kind, why?

This is a simple answer. Every one is different, so everyone gets a different recommendation! I am sensitive to lactose so a whey protein concentrate isn’t the best option for me. I typically stick with an isolate  OR my new favorite, Dymatize Primal  (derived from beef). If you struggle with lactose like I do then I recommend what I just said. If you can handle lactose, a basic whey concentrate will do you just fine. If you are a 155 pound string bean, a higher calorie mass gainer shake would work well. If you are looking to cut some fat, a lean protein would work well. Your goals always determine your needs. Nothing in the world of fitness is cookie-cutter and works for everyone. That’s why there are so many different products!


3) Do I need a Pre-Workout?

This is a top 3 most asked question. You don’t NEED a lot of things in life? But pre-workouts are excellent sources of energy and there are hundreds of them to pick from. Such a wide variety offers up different ingredient lists that match your training goals and needs. The only catch I have found is that when I take a really intense pre-workout and do any sort of HIIT or sprint work, I throw up. The solution? I drink BCAAs (Brain Chain Amino Acids- help prevent muscle breakdown while working out) on those days and save the hulk juice for the heavy iron.

The bottom line- of you need a zap of energy for your workout- a caffeinated pre-workout is a a great place to start!

4) What is the BEST Pre-Workout?

This is actually FAQ number two behind the whole protein shake misconception. There is no BEST pre-workout. Why? Because everyone is different! People’s bodies are going to react differently to different ingredients. For myself, I like to feel jacked up. I like feeling like I am about to fuck shit up. I look for my pre’s to have Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and Creatine. If the pre doesn’t have Creatine, I just buy it separately and add it in myself.

On the flip side of things, not everyone wants to feel their skin crawl and face melt, I respect that as well. Look for stimulant-free pre’s OR just go with something like this, which is BCAA’s with a shot of caffeine.

Your best bet? Order a sample box of pre-workouts…try each one, see what you liked, what you didn’t like, flavors, etc. A lot of this is just trial and error, as a Professional Meathead, I have had a lot of this.


5) I’m a girl, do I need a Pre-Workout or are those only for guys?

I love the ladies, I truly do…but sometimes they ask some silly stuff. I always answer this question with this response. Do you drink coffee, soda or any kind of caffeinated beverage? The answer is almost always yes. As stated above, pre-workouts largely are caffeine based. If you need a little zip in your step before getting in the gym, then I recommend a pre.

The only supp that I tell ladies to stay away from is anything testosterone based. You don’t have to be a science-wiz to understand why…I know plenty of girls who compete in the fitness world who crush protein shakes, thermo’s, pre’s, intra’s, etc. They are the real supplement champs! The brand FITMISS is scientifically made for women and is all clinically proven.

I could literally write a book on all the questions people ask me…This was only questions 1-5. Check back in soon for the second half!

Lift heavy, stay strong!



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