Reasons Couples Who Lift Together, Stay Together


Reasons Couples Who Lift Together, Stay Together

1) You have seen each other looking at your worst…the sweaty/tied up hair isn’t the best appearance for every girl.

2) You understand each others crazy eating habits, and when it comes to cheat meals there is no holding back.

3) Sharing supplements can help save some money!

4) Shopping for presents becomes easy when you know exactly what they like.

5)You understand each others crazy mood swings from hungry…to instant energy when the pre-workout kicks in.

6) You won’t be judged when it comes to flexing and finding the perfect lighting for an Instagram/Snapchat selfie.

7) You know your partner is telling the truth when they say they are at the gym for 2 hours.

 8) You can support each other in and outside of the gym.

9) You both have similar goals and will keep pushing each other further.

10) Your testosterone levels are through the roof….need we say more?


By Brooke Goldstein

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