Post-Workout Food Debate

There are many different approaches to one of the most important meals of the day… the post workout meal. Some may take this as the time to take in all the sugar to spike their insulin levels, while others stick to basic bro foods such as sweet potatoes or rice. So which is really best?


Some people believe that it is best to take in simple carbs after your workout since the body is being depleted of glycogen and needs to restore it. Simple sugars act quickly into the blood steam, spiking blood sugar and restoring muscle. The problem is if you aren’t in the post-workout time frame, insulin will shift sugar consumed out of the blood cells and into fat cells. Consuming around 40-50 grams of simple carbs along with protein after your workout should do the trick.


  • -Cereal
  • -Fruits
  • -Sports drinks
  • -White rice or potatoes

While some think fast digesting carbs is the answer, others stick to the complex ones to restore energy. Many say that eating carbs from refined grains such as white breads or cookies will increase your risk for diseases and only cause a fat gain. These people believe we should be sticking to foods with high nutrient value such as..


  • -Oatmeal
  • -Sweet potatoes
  • -Brown rice
  • -Whole wheat bread

Is there a right answer?

While there are 2 different sides to the post workout carb debate you should stick to whatever works best for your body. If taking in a bowl of Lucky Charms after your lift works best for you than stick to it, as long as you are getting the right amount of carbs and protein after your workout to make those gains.

Campus Protein Reps Favorite Post-Workout Meals:

  • Whey and oatmeal
  • Tablespoon of sugar and whey
  • Protein shake and veggies
  • Gatorade with aminos
  • Greek yogurt, oats, and egg whites
  • Protein shake and gummy bears
  • Protein, creatine, and a banana
  • Toast and cream cheese
  • Can of tuna and a banana

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