Dress Well, Lift Well

While working out, your bis and butt shouldn’t be the only accessories you have on you to impress others. These new trending fashion statements are bound to get you compliments left and right, Be prepared for people to ask you “where did you get that!”



A cute pair of leggings is key for making that booty look on point while squatting. It is even found that the tighter the clothing you wear while working out can improve training and recovery! These different designs are perfect for running, lifting, yoga or just going shopping!

Keep it colorful and sexy with Up Vibe leggings! These form fitting, bright tights are bound to draw some attention while doing any exercise.

You can be more of a badass while lifting with these Til You Collapse leggings. You can even  show off what you eat on your pants, donuts and deadlifts anyone?

Guys, whether you choose to rock the shorts or compression pants, Strong Lift Wear has it all. LIFT SHORTS are purposely built short made for leg day yet have been taken up for every day use due to the comfort and versatility they deliver.

You can really stand out in the gym with custom-made leggings from ABS2B Fitness Apparel. The unique fabrics and styles are perfect for squatting days!



Having the right top during a workout is key for flexing those bis you got. These sweet designs and logos are bound to draw some attention to the guns.

It’s All About The Gainjamins with Campus Protein’s new unique workout designs. 

Girls can show off those sexy back muscles with Kiavas tanks and bras!

GymSharks hooded jackets are developed specifically to protect you from the cold weather before, during and after your workout.

The JoeyBra Sport consists of zippered pockets designed to keep your valuables safe, close, and accessible while being able to workout!

or how about a cute sports bra to match your pants! Ravish Sands has the perfect outfit combinations to make picking out an outfit cute and easy.



Having the right accessories can help perform better and enhance your look even more!

These FitLife bracelets are to keep you motivated on your personal fitness journey. Wear your dumbbell bracelet proudly to remind you of your goals no matter what outfit you have on.


For lifting heavy, Schiek waist bands and lifting straps provide the proper comfort and support needed for any weight lifter!

Don’t let you hair get in the way of your workout! With Hippie Runner headbands you can keep the sloppy bun out of your face while breaking a sweat.

The BottleBand turns any water bottle into a hand held! It is a silicon strap used for carrying your favorite water bottle when you run, walk, hike, or go to the gym.

Lugging all your gym essentials can be a hassle, but with the Gaiam Everything Fits bag you can fit everything!



The type of shoe someone wears to the gym says a lot about them. The perfect shoe should not only support the exercise you are doing but should also show off your style.

You can choose your own sneaker and design personal Nike’s. With a huge range of styles and different shoe support for every type of exercise you can be different from everyone.

There is also the more basic with pair of  black and white Adidas sneakers for the simple yet stylish look.

By Brooke Goldstein

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