Transformation Tuesday: Dillon Masters

Georgia Southern University     @themasters95

His Story

I got into fitness my senior year in high school. I've always been an active person, but could never put on muscle mass. I would always watch Steve Cook videos on YouTube which motivated me to buy a gym membership. I met people in the gym who taught me a lot, from form to proper diet. My first year I went from weighing 160 pounds at 6'1" to weighing 190 pounds. Seeing these results reminded my hard work really pays off. My first year in college I broke my collar bone which set me back 6 months. Not being able to get in the gym like I was before I broke my collar bone was so hard. I was depressed and quickly found out that the gym was almost a type of therapy for me. It helped me deal with the common stresses college students face. I actually started working out again a month before the doctor gave me the green light. I couldn't help it, watching my favorite you tubers from Steve cook to Bradley martyn. I lost 18 pounds in those 5 months. I quickly put that weight back on though and took it to the next level. 3 months later I was weighing 210 pounds. My lifts were going through the roof and this brings us to my next set back. I got an inguinal hernia from weight lifting. I went under lapriscopic surgery and was told to stay out of the gym for another month. This was good in a way because it really allowed me to set aside the gym and focus on my grades as I was trying to get into nursing school at the time. But right when the doctor told me I could lift again I hopped back on the gains wagon. At this time I was getting involved with campus protein. This really helped me as college takes a lot out of your funds and I was able to get my hands on cheap supplements.


Supplements Used

The supplements that helped me out the most were mr. Hyde as my pre workout, alpha aminos by Cellucor, and syntha 6 protein.

Current Status

A lot of my friends supported me and ordered through me. Now I'm really wanting to push Campus Protein and maybe turn it into something for me and help others as well as myself benefit from it. I'm currently training for a men's physique competition later this year. I'm currently studying nursing at Georgia college and state University and bodybuilding will always be a huge part of my life and I'm wanting cp to be a part of that as well.

Gaining Muscle

Some of my key facts to gaining muscle that I've learned is volume and consitency. If one is consistent as well as persistent in anything that they do, they WILL see results.

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