Interview: Brittni Shae

Brittni Shae

 WBFF Pro, ISFTA Certified personal trainer and sports/fitness nutrition specialist

1. What made you decide to start powerlifting?
Actually my boyfriend was in prep for the Arnold in 2014-2015, by a month before his meet in March 2015 I asked him to set up programming for me to begin powerlifting and potentially do a meet! By July I competed in my first USAPL meet in the 57kg class! I was so excited with my first PRs that I set a goal to compete in the 52kg weight class in December. I did it again and out lifted my July meet numbers! I saw there was a local meet here in June (7 weeks post my bikini competition) that I started prepping for about 2 weeks post comp. I decided 4-5 weeks out to do it. It's not an ideal prep but definitely has gotten my motivation and drive back up! I'm living off adrenaline in the gym right now! 
2. How do you determine how much you eat each day?
Essentially this is based upon where I began back in November 2014, I did some work on increasing my food intake to 1320 calories with 6 days cardio to March 2015 ending at 2120 calories 0-1 days cardio. I kept these numbers here until July then began "cutting" them down to get tighter for a shoot in September. I slowly added cardio. I essentially continued to respond well to my training that I didn't change them until February - about 4 or 5 weeks into bikini prep. My lowest intake was high 1400s X 5 days and 1700s X 2 days at 20 days out. 4 weeks post competition we've moved my numbers back up to 1700-2000s, with carbs at 170g X 5 days, and 265g X 2 days. I use my higher intake days for powerlifting. We are continuing to increase food and decrease cardio weekly depending on body composition response (photos, measurements). Currently I only do 10 min HIIT 2 days per week. 
3. What is one of your favorite recipes to create?
Preheat oven 350•
2 scoops Promera sports Chocolate S'mores 
32g bob's red mill coconut Flour
25g bob's red mill almond Flour
3tbsp Cocoa powder 
Stir in:
2 Mott's natural applesauce containers (222g)
186g liquid egg whites 
4 squirts liquid stevia ----
Spread in a glass sprayed square baking pan ----
Bake 30 min
Nutritional info: 
Makes 4 large brownies (116g a piece)
191 calories - 5.2g fat, 15.75g carb, 20.7g protein
5.5g fiber, 7g sugar, 128mg sodium 
4. What is it like knowing so many people view your social media accounts each day?
At first it was strange but I've had my accounts since 2012 now and I keep some things more private, but otherwise try to post helpful and useful information. I also try to keep things tasteful! 
5. What is your favorite part to train?
I love my powerlifts which train the whole body, my favorite exercise is deadlifts. 
6. How often do you cheat and what’s your favorite cheat meal?
I got away from the word "cheats" back in 2014 as I was working on my relationship with food. Going off my plan or not tracking I do for special occasions! My go to for that is usually a large pasta dish or sushi. Since I eat a lot of the foods I like everyday it's not necessary for me to really "cheat" 
7. Besides from fitness, what is something people don’t know about you?
I actually work full time as an occupational therapist! I specialize in orthopedics. I have been a therapist for 8 years. 
8. What has been your biggest struggle throughout your journey?
Finding balance! Especially with my thoughts on food and overtraining. 
9. What are some tips for eating out and staying healthy?
If you can eat at a restaurant with nutrition facts that's the best way to STAY on track. If you cannot, pick lean proteins, vegetables, and whole food choices without butter and oil. 
10. What are your goals for the future?
I'm in prep for my next meet with the USAPL 52kg June 11, my next pro bikini competition is August 27 in Toronto - it's the WBFF worlds championships. I also plan to compete again in bikini in December for WBFF Atlantic City Pro

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