Rep Spotlight: Margaret Gaston

Within 6 months I competed in my first powerlifting meet and body building competition which I am pretty proud of and excited about. Both were Oklahoma State University events and I'm very thankful to attend a college that has produced world record holding powerlifters and World Champion Natural Bodybuilder Brian Whitacre to learn from and watch in the gym. I started cutting about 20 weeks out at my highest weight of 163lbs and picked up Sean McCauley of Cloud Health Dynamics at 16 weeks and got down to 139lbs. He is a great diet coach, not a typical bro diet and had me consistently losing weight following iifym.


I had previous experience with macros from a mini cut the summer before and I'm glad I did that so I wasn't jumping head first into trying out macros. I think iifym is a really unique tool that really differentiates individuals needs. Personally, I worked best and saw more results on high carb, less protein, which shocked a lot of people who asked about my numbers. But I heavily trusted my coach and he did not fail me. Right before I started cutting I actually started dating a guy that was preping for the same show and that was wonderful to have the constant support system and someone to help push me through the struggle that dieting occasionally presented.

I think one of my biggest struggles throughout prep was losing strength in the big lifts that I saw increase so dramatically before the diet. As a side note, half way through my prep I tragically lost my horse of 6 years, so having the competition to keep me moving forward helped me tremendously. This was a unique experience because most of my competitors were OSU students that I trained alongside and we helped push and motivate each other daily. Even when I was drained and didn't want to train or was down about a slip in my diet, they helped keep me looking forward to my daily workout.


I competed in the figure tall and placed 3rd in the open and 4th in novice. I was extremely nervous but having my friends backstage made it really just a fun day where we all exhibited everything we've worked so hard for. I was shakey on stage and couldn't figure out why because I remember double checking to make sure I was breathing. It was a relief when we'd turn and I realized they were shaking too. I was grinning ear to ear the whole time on stage because I without a doubt had the loudest fan club in the audience. I could pick out voices and it was just a spectacular feeling.


At first, 3rd was slightly disappointing, but then I realized there is absolutely nothing to be disappointed about because I worked my butt off and made it to the stage. I spoke with the judges afterwards and their comments were needing a sizing adjustment on my suit, a few adjustments on my posing, and to building my lower body to match my upper body conditioning. All very attainable goals and I can't wait to see what I can bring to the stage next spring or summer.

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