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   Jenna Myers

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1. How did you begin your fitness journey?
 I began my fitness journey several years ago.  I used to go to Miami Music week every year back in college and I would always diet down eating a 1200 calorie or less diet, doing endless cardio, and working my abs.  Up until maybe three years ago, I had never touched a weight. I used to work out with my boyfriend and he would have me do certain exercises with him and I hated it but I enjoyed doing it with him.  That honestly didn't last too long and I gave up for about a year and a half.  Last November (2014) I decided I wanted a body like the girls I saw on Instagram (cliche I know) and messaged someone I really looked up to!  I purchased a plan from her and actually fell in love with lifting.  Her plan was honestly not worth the money and was super generic but it kick started my journey.  I wanted to learn everything about working out and diet! I no longer just wanted to be skinny.  I wanted muscle and I wanted to be strong! I don't know what changed from all the other times I exercised or tried lifting but this time was totally different.  That November is when I began my Instagram actually and things just took off from there! I couldn't be more thankful that I made the decision to purchase that silly plan.  It really changed my whole life.
2. IIFYM or Clean eating?
3. How can someone make serious muscle gains?
To build muscle, you need to be in a caloric surplus.  You NEED to eat to grow.  Do it in a structured and preplanned way though.  Don't just eat whatever you want in hopes you build muscle.  Strategically plan how many calories you need to take in to be gaining about .5 lbs a week and really take the time to grow.  Taking the time to build for six months at a time is the main reason for my muscle growth! 
4. What are some of your favorite booty exercises?
HIP THRUSTS FOREVER. hahah but seriously hip thrusts and glute bridges are priority.  I enjoy squats, RDLs, sumo squats, cable kickbacks, glute pull throughs, and raised abductor machine as well!
5. How do you avoid negativity you see on social media?
Ooof the negativity on social media is insane.  It is all about what you make of it though.  I ignore the negativity and only take in the positive feedback and comments.  I avoid drama for sure.  I have made my best friends from social media, created my own company and brand because of social media, and I reach women all over the world because of social media.  How can I even focus on the negativity when there are so many more positive things that come from it?
6. What would be your ultimate cheat meal?
Mmmmm pizza for sure.  Maybe burgers WITH the bun.  I very rarely have buns but have burger patties all the time.  Or donuts.  Donuts on top of ice cream with a cup of colored sprinkles on top.  And sangria, allll the red sangria. Yep I will take all of that thank you :)
7. How do you manage to stay on track, especially on weekends?
Weekends have always been hard for me.  For so long I went through the week doing perfectly hitting my numbers then the weekend would come and I would binge eat random things and over eat.  I would backtrack on all my progress from the week in just two days.  It was so frustrating and felt like a cycle a couldn't get out of.  I am better with it now but still not perfect.  If I have strict goals, I know I cannot be doing that, plus is it so mentally and physically unhealthy.  To avoid doing things like that, I allow myself treats on special occasions outside of my macros.  I have no end date with my fitness journey, as I don't compete, so if I want to eat something, it isn't the end of the world, I just eat it!  For people whose goals are stricter, you need to learn to have full control over your mind.  It is such a mental thing.  People, including myself, can't expect to progress and lose fat or weight constantly over eating on weekends.
8. Do you take any supplements?
I always take fish oil, biotin, vitamin d3, and a multivitamin.  When I am cutting, I take CLA and l-carnitine.  I use a preworkout and also BCAAs during my workouts ALL by My Protein.
9. What does your workout playlist look like?
I am such a little rave girl.  My playlist on my phone is mostly house music.  I like trance, trap, progressive house, and I like some rap.  I am loving everything Future has been putting out lately.  I cannot workout without music.
10. What do you have planned for the future?
Ah I have so much planned for the future.  I am working on my website right now.  I just want to bring as much helpful information to my supporters and friends as possible.  Better quality YouTube videos, more affordable plans, and more volumes of my Train Like Me series! The future makes me a little nervous, but I am so excited for what is to come!

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