Interview: Yani Morgado

   Yani Morgado

 NQ NPC Bikini Athlete   ProSupps Brand Ambassador   @yani_morgado

1) What made you decide to start lifting?
 Everything started prom year 2007. I wanted to wear a high slit dress and my goal was to have nice tone legs.

2) Which supplements do you currently take?
My favorite supplement brand is ProSupps;
I take VEXXUM ( Fatburner)
L-carnitine twice a day
Two protein shake isolate protein 
Flavor: peanut butter cookies, and Oreo cookie.
CRASH ( PM shredder )
3) What is your favorite part to train and why?
I love to train quads, gluteus, and shoulders.
If I can do them everyday I would.
4)What does your workout schedule look like?
I workout every single day.
I weight train in the mornings followed by a 30min cardio session.
I go back at night time and do another 30min cardio with abs circuit.
5) How do you feel about cardio?
To be honest is not My favorite thing to do but I know how of a necessity it is and the major results it gives you. So I just don't think about it and do it.
6) What do your pre/post workout meals look like?
Since I work out in the AM I have my breakfast at least an hour before 
Usually :
4 egg whites 
Half a cup of oatmeal ( in water) 
I sweeten with a drizzle of organic honey.
Post workout :
Two scoops of one of my favorite prosupps isolate protein flavor on water blended with a few ice cubes.
Two hours later I have a nice healthy lunch.
7) What is your ultimate cheat meal?
I would say, a nice juicy cheese burger ( just one Bun) and maybe a tart yogurt with PB dressing.
8) Secret to your amazing abs?
Eat very clean and do cardio twice a day!
9) Favorite places to shop for workout apparel?
Although I love nice stylish Brazilian clothing I stick too Nike workout clothes.
10) Besides from fitness, what is something that most people don’t know about you?
I love fashion and I am a very OCD person. Everything has to be timed and perfectly organized.
11) What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
I would say following my fitness journey that is my absolute dream come true.
By that I say being sponsored a by supplement company, competing NPC, and traveling doing appearances and show people they can follow their dreams as well.
12) How can someone new start their own fitness journey?
Not over analyze things and believe that HARD WORK PAYS OFF!
13) What are your goals for the future?
My goal will be to create a fitness clothing line since I love fitness and love fashion.

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