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Training Ground Isolate

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What Is It: The Training Ground Series by EFX Sports is NCAA approved supplements made with the highest quality. This is their 100% Isolate protein for the leanest post workout protein possible.

Why This Stuff is Great: Carbs and fat are easy to get in your diet. So when you buy a protein powder, you want the cleanest and leanest protein possible, not extra carbs and fat. Training Ground® Isolate ProtaLyn® enhanced protein provides you with a delicious and convenient way to build a better body. It works quickly to stop catabolism, while jump-starting muscle growth. You already sacrifice so much to look and be your best. One of those things should never be the quality of your protein.

For over a decade, our scientist, Dr. Jeff Golini, has been aware of how to theoretically boost metabolic response to protein by altering its peptides structures. But, it was not until recently the breakthrough happened. He called his discovery "Hybrid Enzymatic Peptide Technology". Thanks to Dr. Golini’s Patent-Pending ProtaLyn® enhancement process, premium, easily digested "Enzymatic Alkalized Proteins" are now a reality.

Use: As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop (30 grams) into 12-16 Oz of water or your favorite beverage to taste in a shaker cup. No blender needed. 

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EFX Sports Training Ground Isolate

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