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5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....BOOOOOM! Welcome to the most explosive stack on CP. The "Tick Tick Boom" Stack offers an explosive pre workout with the best selling amino acid product ever, and the fastest growing protein on our site. 


MAN Sports BlockBuster is an incredible clinically dosed concentrate pre workout. Blockbuster is a concentrate, creatine free pre workout to enhance your workout. Man Blockbuster will improve strength and energy in the gym. This pre workout will hit you and hit you hard. The formula is intended to give you super clean energy, solid pumps, and of This will ultimately lead to better workouts and better results in the gym! 

Scivation Xtend is the number 1 best selling amino acid product since...well ever. It is so popular since it tastes great and has an incredible formula. It has a high dose of BCAAs on top of electrolytes, and glutamine to maximize muscle recovery and build lean muscle the most efficiently.

Now on to the protein... Before even selling it, a little story. In 1980, the Costello family started a protein company called Optimum Nutrition. They made Gold Standard, which has been the best selling protein across the world. They went on to sell the company and then start Rule1....The protein in this stack, Rule1 R1 Protein, is their improved version of that protein. Better formula, better tasting, and in our opinion, a better looking bottle. Enjoy this amazing product along with your BlockBuster and Xtend.

Rule1 Protein R1 Protein

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MAN Sports BlockBuster
Man Sports Blockbuster Pre Workout
RULE1 R1 Protein
Rule1 R1 Protein
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