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FUEL Pre Workout:
Bang Master Blaster:

Are you doing your normal lift or going HAM in the gym today? That is a huge decision and your pre should be able to assist in both of them. The Switch It Up Stack was made to give a solid pre for that everyday lift and energy boost in FUEL but also a hardcore intense pre-workout for those days where you need that extra push in BANG Master Blaster. Take them separately, mix em together, or dry scoop them...the decision is completely up to you. Being able to have a pre-workout catered to your workout will keep things interesting and deliver the best results. 

  • FUEL is the perfect everyday pre-workout to boost energy, increase strength, focus and improve overall workouts. Plus it tastes freaking amazing 

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout

  • BANG Master Blasteris that hardo pre-workout that may just be too intense but at the same time needed for those heavy days in the gym.

VPX Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout 

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