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What Is It: Grenade Ration Pack is a complete daily dietary supplement, designed to provide comprehensive nutritional support for the athlete who wants to perform at their best. This is your multivitamin with extra support for: 

It has been proven that the various ingredients in Ration Pack can contribute to:

  • Protein synthesis (the muscle-building process)*

  • Maintenance of normal muscle function*

  • Blood levels of testosterone (within the normal range)*

  • A reduction in tiredness and fatigue*

  • The normal production of thyroid hormones (which help control the metabolic rate)*

  • Normalized glycogen (muscle energy storage) metabolism*

  • Healthy immune function support*

  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress*

  • Normal blood cholesterol and heart function*

Use: ADULTS: Take one pack per day with a meal and sufficient water or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Each pack contains the following : Two Multivitamin + Antioxidant tablets, one Essential Fatty Acid softgel capsule, one Probiotic hard shell capsule and one BCAA tablet.

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