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New Year, New Me: Cutting Stack

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What is the difference between December 31st and January 1st? A whole year duh...and this is the 24 hours when you decide you what to go into 2019 with a leaner better version of yourself. That is why we here at Campus Protein made this incredible Cutting Season Stack and say goodbye to this:

Weight Loss Supplements

There is no better stack out there to cover you for 24 hours of the day making sure your body is in a fat loss state. 

Morning: Take L-Carnitine Shot to speed up the metabolism, preserve muscle and burn fat for energy. 

Pre Workout: Take Cellucor C4 Ripped to give you crazy endurance for cardio and burn more calories throughout your workout. 

All Day: Sip Rule1 R1 Lean 5 all day to maximize your water intake and keep your body's high metabolism rate. This is stimulant free too

Post Workout: BSN IsoBurn is a one of a kind protein to be the leanest in calories plus have fat burning ingredients to amplify the post-workout burn.

Nighttime: Cellucor SuperHD Fire (Stimulant Free) will be your best friend sleep aid fat loss supplement. It will help you burn more calories while you sleep. 

With this type of support, there is no way you won't hit your cutting goals this year. 

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Cellucor C4 RIPPED

Best Pre Workout for Weight Loss


Best Weight Loss Protein

SuperHD Fire Stim FREE

Cellucor SuperHD Fire

MAN CarnitineBest L Carnitine

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