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What Is It: Purus Labs is known for their perfect formulas, and it did not stop here with MyoFeed. This 60+ serving protein shake will taste amazing and provide all the nutrients you need to build solid muscle. Purus also  address' the whole protein spiking issue, with real facts that you can see and know that no fillers or aminos were put into this formula. You will get your protein and nothing else. 

How It Works: This whey protein formula is the cleanest formula out there. So clean, the bottle will give you an address to go look it up and see what went into your particular bottle. This is the only protein on our site that can claim this. Also, this protein happens to taste amazing with real cookie bits in the chocolate, strawberry pieces in the strawberry, and wafers in the vanilla. 

Use: Add your desired amount of protein to a shaker with 6-8 ounces of water per Myofeed™ serving and shake vigorously. Adjust your water usage to achieve your preferred sweetness level. If possible, always add Myofeed™ into a shaker already filled with water to ensure complete solubility.


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