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What Is It: LeanFix by EFX Sports is an athlete approved fat burning supplement that has no caffeine or stimulants to help chisel and tone your body. This product is also great to add to a stimulant based fat burner to make it more effective.

Lean Fix was formulated on the simple premise that it takes 3 key things to shed fat and drop those unwanted pounds:

  • burn more calories icon

    Burn more calories than you take in

  • regulate blood sugar icon

    You must regulate blood sugar levels to avoid storing excess fat

  • flush out water icon

    You must flush out water to completely dial in the details

  • Lean Fix was scientifically formulated to handle all three of these critical jobs at once.

    Each ingredient was specifically chosen because of its ability to address one, two or even all three of these issues. It’s a combination of thermogenic and sugar-regulating agents, plus all-natural diuretics in one complete package.

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    EFX Sports Lean Fix Fat Burner

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