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What is It: Ketofeed by Purus Labs is a ketogenic protein supplement to aid in muscle recovery whiles keeping the body in ketosis.

ÔĽŅWhat Makes This Stuff Great:¬†ÔĽŅDesigned for the very low carb lifestyle, KetoFeed delivers cold-processed, isolated whey protein with fast-burning, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) to deliver an energetic and appetite-satisfying meal replacement or snack. Typical protein supplements deliver a concentrated amount of fast-absorbing whey protein, rich in BCAA‚Äôs, which in turn spikes insulin levels just like simple sugar. Not only does this leave you tired and hypoglycemic, managing blood sugar is a primary key to optimizing fat loss and a key tenet for life extension as well.¬†

Clearly, traditional protein shakes are missing something. Instep Purus Labs. In order to manage blood sugar in response to whey protein and slow the digestion of the whey protein itself, we strategically added a proprietary, low C-12 medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT) from coconut oil. Now here’s where things get interesting, MCT are much more than just fats; they are short-chain fats which are metabolized differently, whereby they bypass adipose tissue storage, and instead, are burned for fuel. In fact, MCT have actually been shown to enhance thermogenesis (fat burning). Compounding the case for the use of MCT for weight loss, studies have shown that people who consumed a diet high in MCT consumed less total calories than those who did not. And if enhancing fat burning and reducing appetite aren’t reason enough for you, MCT easily permeates the blood-brain-barrier and has displayed neuro-protective effects by raising the levels of ketones within the brain. 

Highlights of Purus Labs KetoFeed:

  • Functional Fuel
  • Low Glycemic Based Ingredients
  • Can Mix with Coffee
  • Enhances Thermogenesis*
  • Highly Researched Ingredients

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Purus Labs KetoFeed

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