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What Is It: This is a Campus Protein EXCLUSIVE Pro Supps pre workout. Mr. Hyde is Pro Supps famous pre workout and Hyde is the more intense version.

Why This Stuff is Great:┬áPro Supps Hyde V4 uses two new ingredients to take this intense formula to the next level by using Teacrine and Nitrosogine. These ingredients will help take the stimulants to new heights by not allowing the body to get used to them. Also, there will be more of a pump factor with this product. Much like its counterpart, Mr. Hyde, Hyde V4 Nitrox contains a powerful blend of ingredients for promoting intense energy, power, and focus. However, Hyde doesn't just stop thereÔÇŽ it also contains a unique focal and stimulatory matrix that will take your workouts to the next level.*

How is this different than Mr. Hyde: This formula is more intense by using the clinically patented Kinetiq Synephrine for more focus and a better stimulant experience. 

´╗┐Use:┬á´╗┐Take 1 serving 20-30 minutes prior to training.┬á

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Pro Supps Hyde Pre Workout Supplement Facts


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