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Gold Standard Natural 100% Casein

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What Is It: There are two vital windows to take protein so that you build muscle the most efficient. Right after your workout when you are in an anabolic window, and right before bed. This is where Casein protein comes in. Casein protein is a gelatinous protein that takes 8-hours to digest. When taken before bed, it will use all 8 hours while you sleep. It is proven that the muscle building process happens at night. Your body repairs the muscles and having ample amounts of nutrients is key. Taking Casein before bed will give your body these nutrients and keep the muscle building process primed for development. This is an all natural version of ON's Top Selling Casein. 

Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Casein Natural

Use: Using a shaker cup is the easiest and most convenient way to mix up a consistently great casein shake every time. Just add one heaping scoop of Gold Standard 100% Casein™ to a shaker cup filled with 10-12 oz of your preferred beverage. Cover and shake for 25-30 seconds. TIP: Adjust the intensity of your Gold Standard 100% Casein™ by varying the amount of liquid that you use to prepare it. For a bolder flavor with slightly more body and sweetness, mix one heaping scoop with 8-10 oz of water, milk, or your favorite beverage. For a milder tasting, less sweet shake, use 12-14 oz of liquid per scoop.




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Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Casein Natural

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