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Glutamine Micronized

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What Is It: Micronized means minimal and micronized glutamine by Betancourt Nutrition is tasteless recovery powder to help you build muscle fast

What Makes This Stuff Great:

  • Spare muscle glutamine stores and reduce muscle protein catabolism.*
  • Increase the H+ (acid)- and ammonia-buffering capacity of the body.
  • Stimulate glucose synthesis.*
  • Enhance recovery from training.*
  • Support arginine and nitric oxide (NO) levels.*
  • Support growth hormone (GH) levels.*
  • Increase thermogenesis and metabolic rate.*
  • Support healthy blood glucose and energy levels already in normal range.*

Use: Glutamine is a flavorless powder that is consumed in 5 gram servings. As needed, mix 5 grams of Glutamine with water, milk or juice. You can supplement with Glutamine on non-training days as well to take advantage of its insulin regulating and muscle preserving effects.

Nutrition Facts

Beetancourt Nutrition Micronized Glutamine


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