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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2
Servings per container:
Amount per serving
%Daily value*
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:
Servings per container:
Amount per serving
%Daily value*
Campus Protein: Created by the students, for the students is something we take very seriously. We live by this because it will deliver the best products for YOU. This is how Campus Protein FUEL was born. We wanted to make a pre-workout for YOU!  

When it comes to Campus Protein FUEL, it is all about the experience and the flavor - we want you to be excited to take it, enjoy it every time, and know that it delivers RESULTS!

When it comes to CP finalizing a flavor, it takes about 6 months of testing until it is perfected. We aren’t going to make something if we wouldn't drink it daily ourselves.

The Flavors:

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout Lemondrop

This Candy flavor is the perfect combination of sour lemon with a clean refreshing finish. When we received this flavor from the flavor team we had no intention of accepting it but it just tasted toooooooooo good. It is so crisp and clean when chilled. 


White Monster Pre Workout
One thing we can promise you is that it's going to be cold and delicious. Campus Protein reversed engineered this flavor from the White Monster flavor that has become so famous. White Frost will be crisp, clean, light and refreshing every single time. 

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout Sour Watermelon Wedges

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is and it tastes JUST LIKE EM...but sugar-free! Getting the perfect sour taste up front followed by a sweet finish was not easy, but for you guys, it was worth it!

Campus Protein Jungle Juice Pre Workout

This CP Original, the OG flavor is what made FUEL famous on campus. Campus Protein surveyed over 20 fraternities for their Jungle Juice recipe, tried them and picked the best flavor to put into our Pre Workout...alcohol sold separately.

Baja Blast Supplement
Baja Breeze will be the most delicious, refreshing tropical flavored supplement ever created. Campus Protein went to their flavor house and a bell rung off in their head to make this incredible tropical blast of a flavor minus the 110g of sugar found in the main version. YIKES! How is anyone able to enjoy this magical tropical Baja flavor with that much sugar...don't worry, CP has your back.
(Reversed engineered to taste EXACTLY like Baja¬† Blast¬ģ from Taco Bell)


The Formula

CP tackled 5 aspects of a Pre Workout with this Formula:

Energy: Enough energy in one scoop but if you need an extra boost, double it

Strength: Creatine and Betaine to make you stronger every time you take a scoop

Stamina:Endurance to last the full workout without any loss of energy

Focus:Tunnel vision will make you feel alone and in the zone

Pump: This is our secret weapon, get ready for those full muscles looking swole in the mirror

FUEL Pre Workout Campus Protein

 Limited Edition Nutrition Facts

Baja Blast White Monster Pre Workout

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