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For many of you, forskolin needs no introduction.Ā Put simply,Ā forskolin is a heavily researched ingredient that has stood the test of time.Ā Human trial after human trial show that forskolin is an effective ingredient. There are various forskolin extracts available on the market, but they are not all created equally. We use the most pure and patented form, ForsLeanĀ®Ā 95%.

For this reason, Forskolin-95+ has rapidly gained popularity. The problem with most forskolin products is that they donā€™t account for the purity of forskolin. Forskolin is known for being sold primarily in its low grade form that can have you running to the bathroom all day. But at PEScience, we spent moreā€¦way moreā€¦in order to get you theĀ Sabinsa-licensed 95% extract ForsLeanĀ®.

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PEScience Forskolin-95

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