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What is this Stack: It is time to say goodbye...bye to all the fat you have stored this winter. Its time to start wearing black...for the death of your fat. Summer is coming so use this incredible stack to lose weight and burn fat. 

Who is this Stack for: This would be a more intense fat burning stack but it is for both men and women. If you can handle the heat (caffeine), then this stack will ramp up your metabolism and aid in 24-hour fat loss.

Product Description:

Liquid Clen: Scientifically formulated to help you train harder while supporting your body’s ability to burn fat. With patented VPX technology from Redline® and Meltdown®, the addition of crucial ingredients, the unique combination found in LIQUID CLENBUTRX® will support increased fat mobilization*. LIQUID CLENBUTRX® works synergistically from a weight management perspective and may help promote lipolysis— converting stored fat to fatty acids and fat oxidation*. 

Rule1 R1 Lean 5: is the first every fat burning formula in powder form. With its incredible formula and proven ingredients, R1 Lean will be something you sip on all day and help your body lean out in the process. It has 0 caffeine and you can use it to burn stored fat all day and flavor your water. 

Redcon1 WaterBoard: Waterboard is an all-natural water loss formula that will eliminate the top layer of subcutaneous water retention that has been blurring away your coveted definition. Get the cuts, striations, and muscle tone that will finally give you the results you are happy with when the clothes come off. Waterboard is ideal for bodybuilding competitions, photoshoots, weddings, or any big event where looking and feeling your best is an absolute top priority.

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VPx Liquid Clenbutrx



Redcon1 WaterBoard Water Loss

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