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Muscle Pharm Combat XL

What Is It: MusclePharm® Combat XL™ is a revolutionary weight gaining supplement formulated with dense, functional calories and essential nutrients partitioned precisely to create the perfect muscle building environment an athlete needs. Featuring essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and 4 sources of protein, Combat XL works to promote muscle recovery allowing you to get big – and stay big!

Combat XL Mass Gainer by Muscle Pharm

Use: Directions For Combat XL Mass Gainer: As a dietary supplement for supporting muscle growth and recovery, mix one serving (4 scoops) of COMBAT XL™ with 18-20 fl. oz. of cold water. Consume 1 to 3 times a day. Vary the amount of water to achieve your desired consistency and taste. To increase your protein intake per serving and achieve a delicious milkshake taste, use milk instead of water.

Nutrition Facts

 Musclepharm Combat XL Supplement Facts

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