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What Is It: Caffinity™ is your all day, non stop, long lasting ENERGY POWERHOUSE. Skip the coffee, ​skip the crash​. CAFFINITY™ IS RAW ENERGY. With 3 Clinically Studied ingredients: 1,3,7- TRIMETHYLXANTHINE, INFINERGY & L-THEANINE.
  • Superior extended release caffeine matrix!*
  • Only 200mg caffeine!*
  • NO crash!*

Need an extra push? CAFFINITY™ is your all day, non-stop, long lasting powerhouse! Combining 3 Clinically Studied ingredients, CAFFINITY™ is raw energy. Hitting the gym early in the morning? Studying late night for a test? Working the graveyard shift at work? Whatever the reason...CAFFINITY™ has your back.

VMI Sports Caffinity

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VMI Sports Caffinity

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