Amino X Soda Series

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What Is It: The original BCAA drink AminoX by BSN now comes in incredible soda flavors. Get BCAAs, Glutamine and Electrolytes to build muscle faster with Amino X

Why This Stuff is Great:

Anytime Energy, And Recovery. Natural and Artificial Flavor. 20 Servings. Recharge from Your Workout Hangover. 150mg Caffeine from Natural Sources. 10g Amino Acids per Serving. Zero Sugar. Some Workouts Make You. Others Break You. Before Hitting the Weights Again there's One Last Obstacle to Overcome-The Workout Hangover. What You Really Need Is A Recharge. Something to Help Restart Your Engine and Refresh and Your Drive. AMINOx Soda Flavor Series, A Boldly Delicious Recovery Fuel With Amino Acids And Caffeine To Help Recharge Your Workout. On To Slay Another Day!

Use: Contains Effervescence. When Mixing Stir-Do Not Shake. Mix About 2 Scoops [15g] With 6-8 FL Oz Of Cold Water And Consume 15-30 Minutes Prior To Workout.

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BSN AminoX Soda Series

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