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Cory Gregory and the entire MusclePharm Team has put together a 30 minute a day for 30 days workout plan to get you ripped for Spring Break. Whether you just wanna cut down some lbs or you wanna be ripped for the other sex, this stack paired with the 30/30 Trainer will help you reach your goal in the 30 day time period.  
This Stack Includes:   1 box of Combat Crunch Protein Bars so that you can snack clean and not feel guilty about it. By getting this stack, you will have enough bars to last you the entire month. Combat bars are loaded with protein and fiber to keep you full and protect your body from breaking down muscle tissue.  
Shred Matrix Fat Burning formula that covers you on 8 stages will result in an increase in energy and metabolism, demolish hunger, balance your mood, stimulate focus, remove excess water, and a prevention of sugar in your diet to spike your insulin levels (triggers fat storage). MusclePharm choose every ingredient in this formula precisely, all backed by science, proven to work.  

Carnitine Core is the secret sauce that brings both these supplement together. L-Carnitine (the main ingridient) is proven to preserve muscle breakdown and improve recovery time. This will allow you to hit the gym fresh every time. On top of that, Carnitine tricks your body into burning fat over carbs or muscle tissue for energy. Over the month you complete the 30/30 Trainer, your body will be starving for energy due to the low carb diet but mostly because you will be killing it in the gym.

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