Fuel for Reps
Fuel for Reps
Fuel for Reps
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Campus Protein

Fuel for Reps

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Campus Protein: Created by the students, for the students is something we take very seriously. We live by this because it will deliver the best products for YOU. This is how Campus Protein FUEL was born. We wanted to make a pre-workout for YOU!  

When it comes to Campus Protein FUEL, it is all about the experience and the flavor - we want you to be excited to take it, enjoy it every time, and know that it delivers RESULTS!

When it comes to CP finalizing a flavor, it takes about 6 months of testing until it is perfected. We aren’t going to make something if we wouldn't drink it daily ourselves.

The Flavors:
Best Tasting Pre Workout FUEL by Campus Protein Baja Breeze Taco Bell Baja Blast
It is back, but only for a very limited time. This is the best-selling FUEL flavor ever and it is because it was the first to perfectly mimic your favorite exclusive 'DEW from the 'Bell. The taste of the tropic mixed with beach vibes is the ultimate experience. This will taste incredible and make you look forward to every time you get to sip it. 
Fruit by the Scoop Pre Workout Campus Protein

We would like to introduce to you, the FIRST EVER, the new heir to the flavor throne, the future undisputed, the most likely to be ripped off soon, Fruit By The Foot inspired FUEL flavor: FRUIT BY THE SCOOP (woop woop!)

Take a pinch of childhood, and a lot of mixed berry tye-dye, and throw in some secret FUEL ingredients, and you have yourself our newest limited edition but always delicious flavor, Fruit By The Scoop. We may have just outdone ourselves…again. 

*(Other Pre Workouts have left the chat)*

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout Strawberry Kiwi

I think at this point in FUELs incredible history, you know we deliver on our flavors. We arguably have the best tasting pre-workouts in the world (yea, we went there). We are constantly coming out with amazing popular flavors and that continues with Strawberry Kiwi. We combined the perfect amount of sweetness from strawberry and the perfect complement of tartness from kiwis in this brand new FUEL flavor. Get ready for some incredible refreshment with the new Strawberry Kiwi flavored FUEL.

Campus Protein Fuel Pre Workout Peach Rings

We all have a love-hate relationship with candy. We love how amazing it tastes. We love that sugar high we get but at the same time, we hate how unhealthy it is for you. There is literally no benefit health-wise to eating candy UNTIL now. We reversed engineered the Peach Rings candy flavor you love and put it into FUEL with 0 calories and 0g of sugar. 

You get the best of both worlds: The incredible flavor of Peach Rings and the health benefits of a pre-workout all at 0 calories.

The Formula
CP tackled 5 aspects of a Pre Workout with this Formula:
Energy: Enough energy in one scoop but if you need an extra boost, double it
Strength: Creatine and Betaine to make you stronger every time you take a scoop
Stamina: Endurance to last the full workout without any loss of energy
Focus: Tunnel vision will make you feel alone and in the zone
Pump: This is our secret weapon, get ready for those full muscles looking swole in the mirror
Campus Protein FUEL Pre Workout


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