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Lean Gains Stack

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Times are tough, we want to put on as much muscle as possible without putting on the fat. There are a few options: you can go the hard mass gainer route but then you have to consume 1000+ calories per shake or do lean whey and gain muscle at a much slower pace. This is because you are leaving out the key ingredients to pack on muscle faster, carbs and fat. 

This stack has Betancourt Lean Gainz in it to put on the leanest mass possible. It is the perfect medium for the issue we stated above coming in around 600 calories per serving. It uses the cleanest carbs plus essential healthy fats to help you pack on muscle fast. But what about the workouts to recover from? That's where the B-Nox pre comes in....

Betancourt B-Nox pre-workout is a very intense testosterone boosting pre that will put you in the gym and never want to leave. This formula will jack up your strength for the best lifts. They say more weight = more gains so this is a perfect combo. How do we make this stack better? That's where the Bio-Gro comes in....

Most people know why iSatori Bio-Gro is so special so they can just go right ahead and stop reading. But those of you who don't, Bio-Gro allows your body to digest more protein per hour. The fancy term is that Bio-Gro increases the rate of protein synthesis. The more protein your body can digest, the more muscle it can build. Bio-Gro works best with mass gainers because it allows your body to digest as many nutrients as possible without any waste. 


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Betancourt B-Nox Pre Workout
Betancourt Lean Gainz BIO-GRO
iSatori Bio Gro
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