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iSatori Lipo-Drex:
Rule1 R1 Lean 5:

Don't let yourself get played....The KEY is to make every day count and in the weight loss process, the KEY is to lose those lbs. With the Key to Success Stack you will lose one pound...then another one....and another one....and another one. 

By choosing these three products, and using this stack, You smart! You loyal! You’re a genius!

So just remember, they don't want you to lose weight, they don't want you to look good, and they most certainly don't want you to look your best! That is why it is a KEY to take this stack

Products Explained:


It has been a very long time where a Fat Burner has come out and separates itself from the competition. Lately, its been more intensity and more focus, but nothing to do with improving the "diet process." iSatori introduces Lipo-Drex: An intense fat burner that ACTUALLY is a game changer.

Cutting is never easy - you cut calories to cut fat out and lose weight. You tend to have low energy levels and you lose all your muscle gains. This is where Lipo-Drex is revolutionary - it is Fat Burner + Nutrition Partitioner. Traditionally, your body stores nutrients in fat cells for later use, but a Nutrition Partitioner does not let this happen. In fact, it allows your body to use these nutrients immediately so that you lean out quicker. Your body will drive these nutrients into the muscle for rebuilding and increase energy levels. Another side effect of a nutrition partitioner is a muscle hardening effect. That is why iSatori Lipo-Drex can be used as an aggressive fat burner when cutting or a muscle preserving leaning agent while bulking. 

Lipo-Drex = Fat Burner + Nutrition Partitioner + Hardening Agent = Extreme Fat Loss

Rule1 Lean 5

Staring off with CLA, this ingredient will tell your body to go into fat stores (abs) for energy. The Garcinia Cambogia & Raspberry Keytones in this formula will shrink fat cells so your body will be able to burn fat easier. The next ingredient in this formula is the magnificent L-Carnitine which tells your body to preserve muscle and use fat as its main energy source. This will allow you to tone more efficiently. Finally, the green tea (non stimulant) will help your body speed up its metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. 

Water Loss Upgrade: L2 and Tyte

Cellucor L2: This product contains powerful, natural diuretics that work quickly to support weight loss success and fuel losses of water weight of up to 10 pounds in just 5 days!*

L2 Extreme also provides beneficial antioxidant support, and increases basal metabolism to kick start fat loss.* L2 Extreme is 100% Stimulant-Free, and is designed to work either by itself, or synergistically with other non stimulant fat burners similar to the ones found in this very stack.

Fitmiss Tyte:¬†is a proprietary blend of nutrient-rich extracts and antioxidants that support healthy urinary tract functioning while facilitating the natural elimination of excess water.* It promotes the kidneys ability to eliminate excess water from the body and reduce bloating, giving your physique optimal definition and slimming effects.* Feel sexier, tighter, and more confident with FitMiss TYTE‚ĄĘ!*

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Nutrition Facts
Ingredients Explained


C3G- This is the nutrition partitioner found in Lipo-Drex. Studies show that C3G has the ability to lower blood glucose levels and prevent obesity by working as downstream signalers of AMPK; allows for greater glucose and lipid uptake by muscle cells, while retaining muscle synthesis (normally, AMPK decreases muscle protein synthesis through FOXo1 protein pathway). This tells your muscles to call for nutrients and does not let your body store them in fat cells. 


Forskohlli- signals for higher production of cAMP (which, in high concentrations, increases lipolysis or fat loss), effects are increased when paired with stimulants or adrenergic agonists; increases muscle protein synthesis. Forskohlli will allow your muscles to maintain mass while keeping the body focused on burning fat.


Green Tea Extract- This is one of the most proven fat burners on the market and has been used for centuries. Green Tea helps with nutrient partitioning; inhibits genesis of fat cells, even in caloric surplus; helps protect testosterone present in the body; increases blood flow. It will also increase your bodies rate of metabolism.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine- Carnitine is one of the best supplements on the market in regards to losing fat and maintaining muscle. It works by increases glucose uptake in muscles; that can increase power output during resistance training, and aids in muscle recovery and soreness. It also allows your body to burn more fat for energy throughout the day.


Berberine- helps regulate blood glucose levels; increases glucose and lipid uptake through AMPK activation; helps with mood regulation


Caffeine-  This is one of the most proven fat burners. It will increase alertness, mood, strength and power, all while surpassing the appetite. 


L-Ornithine- helps increase growth hormone levels; increases endurance potential during exercise (anti-fatigue); converted to L-Citrulline, enhances vascularity


Cayenne Powder (Capsaicin)­- Increases metabolism (thermogenesis); appetite suppression; decreases desire for craving of certain tastes (varies between people)


Bioperine- increases thermogenesis; aids in nutrient partitioning. It also acts as a nutrition uptake to make everyone of the ingredients found in this formula more effective.


Yohimbine- increases adrenaline; increases blood flow; increases focus; suppresses appetite; increases cAMP levels, and subsequently increases lipolysis


Hordenine- improves mood; amplifies effects of adrenaline


Theacrine- works in the same way as caffeine, but due to structural differences, can be taken for longer without building up a tolerance (more effective in the long run)


Bacopa- improves cognitive function; decreases anxiety and stress


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