Triplets Stack
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Triplets Stack

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What are the three products you should have in your stack that you may not? I mean you are on this page, so you should know its a pump product, Carnitine and Creatine. Taking these three together will help you lean out, strengthen your workout and lead to your goal physique.

What is in this Stack: 

CP Carnitine: is and will always be a staple supplement for staying slim and protecting muscles from breaking down. Carnitine burns stored fat for energy without stimulating the heart/body. Campus Protein put our own little spin on this product by using the most flavored shots as the flavors such as GEL OH Shot and Granny Apple Shot. It is perfect pre-workout to aid in fat loss during your workout. 

Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll Liquid Pump Shot: This is the first-ever liquid pump pre-workout (stimulant-free) to hit harder and faster. Shots are the newest thing and we should be all taking them...supplement shots of course. One shot of Dr. Jekyll Pump will increase blood flow to make muscles fuller and perform better. 

ON Creatine: Creatine is everywhere and you all should be taking it. It is the most studied ingredient on this site and it has been proven to aid in muscle recovery, muscle building, and muscle strength. 

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